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Xlab Xpb-4801 Expandable PABX System

Rs. 23250

PABX System with PC Call Management Software (billing, hotel management, etc.).

Some of its features are highlighted below:


  • External/Extension/Transfer caller ID
  • Call duration control
  • Multiple communication lines
  • Day and Night Services
  • Call on holding
  • Support key telephone, plug, and play
  • Lightning protection
  • Auto fax detect
  • Personal account
  • One touch dialing
  • Memory protect while power off.

Body Build C Call Management Software (billing, hotel management etc.)
Highlights Feature 4-16 hours Voice Mail<br>Outgoing call class/ Call restriction<br> Internal Battery Backup<br>Outgoing call class/ Call restriction<br> Call forwarding<br> Call forwarding<br>External/Extension/Transfer caller ID <br>Call duration control<br>Multiple communication lines<br>Day and Night Services<br>Call on holding<br>Support key telephone, plug and play<br>Lightning protection<br>Auto fax detect <br>Personal account<br> One touch dialing<br>Memory protect while power off<br> Monitor voice record<br>Call pick up<br>Three party conference<br>Do not Disturb<br> Operator attendant <br>A uto attendant<br>CO line booking<br>Extension number assignable
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