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xLab XMP-8007 Master keyphone

Rs. 10500

Table-set with Big screen LED, English menu display.

  • One year brand warranty

This set has a two-wire communication structure that supports CTI software VOIP. There is built-in FM radio in this device. Other features include:


  • Multi-Angle Tilt Body
  • Any extension port compatible, plugin and play
  • Big screen LED and English menu display
  • Navigator Key
  • Compatible with or dinar y two-cor es phone,
    network upgraded freely
  • Intercom Short Message (SMS)
  • Long-distance communication.

Body Build Two-wire communication structure<br>Built-in FM radio<br>Any extension port compatible , plug & play<br> Big screen LED , English menu display<br>Up to 11 pieces DSS button<br>
Highlights Feature Support CTI software VOIP<br>Built-in FM radio<br> Multi-Angle Tilt Body<br>Any extension port compatible , plug & play<br>Navigator Key<br>Compatible with or dinar y two-cor es phone, network upgraded freely<br> Inter com short message (SMS)<br>Long-distance communicate<br> DSS button programmed by PC<br> Do not disturb (DND)<br>No answer transferred<br> Two times alarm clock <br>Calendar displayed
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