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Xlab XHT500 Headset Telephone

Rs. 9000

In this headset, the speaker volume is controlled by a knob and the ringer volume is high and low adjustable. It also features power-saving, flash, and mute functions.

  • One year brand warranty

This telephone is interesting with the following features:


  • 2 digits PABX code setup
  • 32 digits pre-dial and edit
  • Green backlight in-use
  • LED indication
  • Flash and Mute function
  • Ringer volume hi-low-off adjustable
  • Flash time 100ms or 600ms choice
  • Power save function.

Body Build FSK/DTMF caller ID display, automatic checking<br> Green backlight in-use<br>LED indication
Highlights Feature 2 digits PABX code setup<br>32 digit pre dial and edit<br> Flash and Mute function<br>Ringer volume hi-low-off adjustable<br>Flash time 100ms or 600ms choice<br> Power save function<br> Noise Cancellation Headset<br>
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