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SL1000 PABX Intercom System
Rs. 35100

Smart communication Server SL1000 PABX is an intelligent, cost-effective tel communication system that is equipped with the capability to adapt functions for instant business needs.

SL1000 Digital programming Set
Rs. 10000

Standard Type Key Telephone with 24 Programmable Keys.

Rs. 9900

This digital telephone carries 12 programmable keys and speakerphones with 24 x 3 display

Rs. 10650

SL2100 IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL is digital telephone and features 24 programmable keys.

SL2100 PABX 3-IN 8-OUT System
Rs. 42750

SL2100 PABX 3-IN 8-OUT System is strong communication with the small business price tag that permits you to pay only for what you need.

xLab XMP-8007 Master keyphone
Rs. 10500

Table-set with Big screen LED, English menu display.

Xlab XHT500 Headset Telephone
Rs. 9000

In this headset, the speaker volume is controlled by a knob and the ringer volume is high and low adjustable. It also features power-saving, flash, and mute functions.

Xlab XTS-851B Caller ID Telephone Set
Rs. 2160

Home and Office Telephone System and High-Quality Handsfree Speaker Phone with Microphone.

Xlab XPB-3800 telephone PABX System
Rs. 10500

PABX System with External/Extension/Transfer Caller ID.

Xlab XPB-4160 Telephone PABX System
Rs. 12500

It is a PABX System which does not disturb (DND) features.

Xlab Xpb-4801 Expandable PABX System
Rs. 23250

PABX System with PC Call Management Software (billing, hotel management, etc.).