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          LG 360° PuriCare Air Purifier(AS60GDWV0)

          Rs. 85990.00
          Availability: In stock
          LG 360° PuriCare Air Purifier is built with SmartThinQ™ IoT Smart Home Appliance and Clean Booster.

          This product has 360° Purification and PM1.0 Sensor and Gas Sensor. It is Eliminate 5 kinds of Harmful Gas include Formaldehyde. t has the technology to detect PM1. 0 particles which are extremely minute. 

          The way most air purifiers work is to detect particles that are PM10 or PM 2.5 and once they're removed from the air, the purifier goes to sleep mode thinking its job is done. It has 360 × 597 × 360 mm Dimensions. It bears 11.5 KG of weight and 40 power consumption.

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