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          Lexar Portable SSD 512 GB

          Rs. 27500.00
          Whether it's personal, entertainment, or business, your content is necessary. Simply access and store your data anywhere with the Lexar Portable SSD.

          The 512GB USB 3.0 external portable SSD from Lexar will enable you to store and work with a different file including RAW images, high-res images, and 3D, HD, and 4 thousand videos, as well as music, files, and more. 


          • SSD-Level performance with seeds up to 550 MB/s  read and 400 MB/s write
          • The durable, portable design resists the worst temperatures and vibrations
          • features s USB types-C (USB-C)port and add a USB Type-C to the standard USB Type-A cable.
          • Sleek, slimline styling with a premium brushed aluminum finish.
          • Contain Datavault lite software to protect files safely. 

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