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G-technology G-Drive ev ATC 1TB - Thunderbolt

Rs. 29000

The portable and light 1TB G-Drive ev ATC 1TB Thunderbolt from G-Technology is a rugged, bus-powered, all-terrain drive solution with a tethered Thunderbolt cable that helps to protect a removable G-drive ev RaW USB hard drive.

  • One year international brand warranty

This device is Rugged with All-Terrain Drive Solution. The best part is Shock Resistant up to 6.6'. Its key features are Water, Pressure, and Dust Resistant.

This device can float in water. This device has a high storage capacity of 1TB. The transfer rate is up to 136MB/s.


Pressure resistance

Water protection

Series compatible

Floats in water

Dust resistance

Body Build Hard Plastic<br>Water, Pressure, and Dust Resistant
Dimensions All-Terrain Case- 6.46”x 4.25”x 1.20” / G-DRIVE ev RAW- 5.14" x 3.29" x 0.65"
Comms USB USB 3.0
Features Capacity Drive Speed:7200RPM<br> Class Transfer Rate:Up to 136MB/s
Feature Rugged, All-Terrain Drive Solution<br>Water, Pressure, and Dust Resistant<br>Case Interface: Thunderbolt 10 Gb/s<br>Windows and Mac Compatible
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