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General questions

After receivinig a order in ACDC Mobile we go through different series of steps. The main standerd our store follow is the order number. The order number you get during order placement is the first thing you can check, to be sure and confirm the product. If you want to proceed to next level of verification, you can also be sure by checking the official bill and stamp. During different announcement and offers you might also get other conditional documents, but those documents also must contain our official name and logos.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, yes you are right! In ACDC mobile we get so many customer requests for the same questions again and again. We want to answer every request equally, that's why we created this section. With the help of FAQ's pre-posted questions and answers, you can skip most of the waiting time and also get a flexible way to find your answers. If you are not able to find your answer in this section you can always use our other helping handles like forum, chat, support, or use or customer service number to quickly contact us.

We will always try to answer your every question in the best possible way from this section. Please utilize FAQ of ACDC Mobile as a first answering facility whenever you want to know something new. Our entire team from ACDC Mobile would like to thank you for being our valued customer. We always expect to get your precious feedback for our further improvement and progress. Thank you again!

Other Questions

To place an order you need to be in one of the available orders placing platform as given below.

  • 1 Web:
  • 2 Android application: ACDC Mobile
  • 3 IOS Application: ACDC Mobile

When you are in one of our platforms you can place your order by following the steps given below.

  • Select your product and add it to the cart, You can add multiple products to the cart simply by clicking on the add to cart button. If you added products to the wishlist, you can add them to the cart by clicking the add to cart button in the wishlist.
  • If you are in the cart list is perfect else you can go to the cart directly by clicking on the cart icon.
  • Whenever you are ready, you can agree to our terms of service and click on checkout.
  • Add your new billing address or select the address you already added before.
  • Click continue on the shipping method.
  • Select your preferred payment method and follow the steps. It can take you to the respective payment URL or - application during payment. You will be redirected back to the same page as you complete payment.
  • When your payment is complete you will see the list of the selected products, click on continue.
  • Next, You will see the billing address and shipping address with the list of the selected products. Click on confirm and wait to get your order information. 
  • Congratulation! You successfully placed your order. You can note the order number or see order details by clicking "Click here for order detail". Click on continue to exit the page.

Note*: You can see your order details and current order status in your account by logging in to ACDC Mobile. Order information and order status are also sent to your email on every step. You can also check your order status by going to the "Track Order" section with the help of the order Number provided during order placement.

We provide the same day delivery inside the Kathmandu Valley. Outside the valley the delivery take time according to the delivery location.