Free Delivery Inside Kathmandu Valley
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The main target of ACDC Mobile is to provide easy and on-time delivery. There are various practices we have made during the process of delivery up to now. We especially try to make confirmation in every individual process of delivery. We would always like to hear your feedback for further improvement and better Services in the coming days.

We have the following process

  • Confirm ordered products and note out its specific details and specifications.
  • Find the appropriate product
  • Check the match of the order for specification, color, and everything.
  • Process billing and checklist.
  • Assign delivery to the delivery team.
  • The delivery team calls and confirm delivery with the Receiver.
  • Delivery starts.

There are other most important precautions we try to manage before delivery.

- We try to get at least one more contact information for not missing the delivery.

- we try to ask for the nearest landmark that is popular and known by everyone for easier navigation.


In the coming days, we will keep the effort to expand and make our delivery even easier for everyone. If you have any suggestions please feel free to use our helping features and provide your ideas.

Thank you!