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Rs. 98690

Air Conditioner with Catching Filter and Vitamin Enriching Filter.

  • One year brand warranty

  • Brand

This Air Conditioner has interesting features like a big LED display as well as an Auto Restart facility. Timer Mode makes it more advance. There is independent dehumidification in this machine. High efficient internal thread copper Pipe is the best part of this product. 

The Operation is quiet. Strong Cooling & Heating action is performed by this machine. It has a Catching Filter and Vitamin Enriching Filter. 

This machine is ECO friendly. 5 years of warranty is provided on the compressor. It is white in color. The actual rating is 2.0 TR.


Features Automation Auto Protection
Auto Restart
Operation Type Silent Operation
Capacity 2.0 TR
features Timer Timer Mode
Highlights Feature Independent Dehumidification
Quiet Operation <br> Strong Cooling <br> Heating Filter Mesh
99% Anti-Bacteria <br> Floral Pattern <br> Faster Cooling <br>Heating<br> Cateching Filter Vitamin Enriching Filter
Quiet Operation<br> Strong Cooling<br> Heating Filter Mesh
Warranty 5 Years Warranty on Compressor
Body Build High Efficient Internal Thread opper Pipe
Display Build LED Display
Misc Color WHITE
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