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Boya WM8 Pro-K2 UHF Wireless System

Rs. 26500

Wireless system with 48 selectable UHF Channels and Broadcast-Quality Sound.

  • One year international brand warranty

This wireless system Includes Two Transmitters and One Receiver. This device also has selectable Stereo and Mono Mode. Other key features include a selectable Mute function and an Operation range that can reach up to 100m.

This device has Easy-to-read LCD displays and an automatic LCD-locked Function. This device can do More than 6 Hours of Continuous Operation.



Features FREQUENCY Carrier Frequency Range: 576.4 MHz-599.9 MHz (Transmitter: A ) 568.6 MHz-592.1 MHz (Transmitter: B )<br> Frequency response: 40 Hz to 18 kHz (+/-3dB)<br> Operation range 100m (300')(without obstacle)
Body Build Easy-to-read LCD displays<br> Automatic LCD-locked Function<br> Two AA batteries for both transmitter and receiver
Highlights Feature Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver<br> 48 Selectable UHF Channels<br> 48 Selectable UHF Channels<br>
Transmission Range: up to 100 meters / 300
Battery Consumtion More than 6 Hours Continuous Operation
Operation range can reach up to 100m(300') (without obstacle)<br>Two AA batteries for both transmitter and receiver
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