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Xlab DW-028 Smart Watch with GPS
Rs. 16200

Smart Watch with 6 Kinds of Sports Tracking – Trail Run, Walking, Run Indoor, Running, Biking, Hiking.

Xlab XEC-512USB Multiplug
Rs. 1675

This multi-plug is suitable for all kinds of plugs used around the world.

Xlab E8 Screen Cast
Rs. 3675

Screen Cast used to cast the small screen to big screen wireless.

xLab 3 Socket Multiplug
Rs. 1460

Multiplug with superior components and flame retardant protection.

Honeywell 6 Socket Multiplug
Rs. 3060

Multiplug with 10 Amp resettable circuit breaker.

Honeywell 4 Socket Multiplug
Rs. 1890

This Multiplug detects your devices automatically and deliver the fastest possible charge speed.

Honeywell 5 Socket 2 USB Multiplug
Rs. 3330

Multiplug with 10 Amp resettable circuit breaker.

Honeywell HDMI Cable 3m
Rs. 1395

This cable supports Blu-ray along with the Latest 3D technology,1080P & 2160P.

Honeywell micro CLA Charger 2USB
Rs. 990

It is suitable for charging for mobile phone, MP3, camera or the lithium battery equipment and so on.

Honeywell micro CLA Charger 1USB
Rs. 840

Charger with strong anti- interference ability and fast charging.

Honeywell Platinum Series 2 Usb
Rs. 1980

Charger with Low Voltage warning, Intelligent USB and dual charging.

Honeywell 4 Port USB
Rs. 1340

It is light, smart and convenient to use.

Honeywell HDMI Cable 5M
Rs. 2430

The cable that supports Blu-ray along with the Latest 3D technology, 1080P & 2160P.

Mi Band 5
Rs. 4200

Mi Band 5 is a new fitness-tracker by Xiaomi for health and sport activity monitoring.

HP17 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Rs. 799 Rs. 1100

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Mic is a Sports Headphone. Headset Neckband Handsfree Compatible with All Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Laptops.